Video: The shape-shifting future of the mobile phone

24 Sep

The Mobile Phone

As a student the mobile phone is one of the most useful gadgets you can have in your pocket, whether you are texting friends in lectures or using the latest smart phone to play fun games on the train – the uses are endless and the addiction is ever increasing!

To begin with, the mobile phone was a revolution in communications technologies, with its advent suddenly the world was a much smaller place geographically and since then our everyday social interactions have been moulded with truly global implications.

TED Talks

One of the leading educational video-streaming sites on the Internet is, it showcases the brightest and most innovative minds in the world, broadcasting footage from their unique conferences. Visitors to the TED website can gain exclusive insights into the minds of geniuses.

Foreign Students recommends you view their talks to provide inspiration before you start and alongside your studies, this featured talk is by Fabian Hemmert, who gives us a glimpse of where mobile phones will be taking us in the future. 

If you are starting university in the UK and would like some help with finding a great offer on a mobile phone, you may wish to visit our site.

Photo by Honou on Flickr.


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