Is British Food the Best in the World?

3 Nov

The Good Fashioned English Breakfast (Image: Avlxyz Flickr)

Traditionally British food has been mocked by other nationalities who see it as boring, unhealthy and badly cooked. However, over the last few decades there has been a revolution in British food and people from around the world are starting to realise that the days of overcooked meat, mushy veg and greasy side dishes are long gone.

VisitBritain recently did a survey asking 26,000 people from 36 countries about British food and the results show that perceptions of British food are starting to change.

When asked if they had always wanted to try that most classic of British dishes, the full English breakfast, the majority of nations answered with a resounding ‘yes’. The keenest were (quite randomly) the Russians, Brazilians and Indians who all started to salivate at just the thought of the eggs, bacon, sausages, hash browns, fried bread and whatever else you like to include in a good fry up.

They were also asked if they agreed with the statement “British food is very bad”, to which the vast majority said no. Here, those from Russia (again), Estonia and Egypt (the three well known foodie countries) were the most enthusiastic about British food, whilst Spain, Italy, Japan and France still have their doubts.

What do you think? Have you moved to the UK from abroad and love/hate the food? Let us know below.

Don’t know your Spotted Dick from your Bubble and Squeak? Have a look at our Guide to British Food and Drink.


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