Are the Brits Finally Tired of Queuing?

5 Nov

The British are known across the world for our supposed love of queuing. At post offices, banks, supermarkets, airports, theme parks…the list is endless. However, a new survey shows we may finally be losing our patience.

A Payments Council survey has found that it takes 10 minutes and 42 seconds before British adults start to get fed up, though this figure varies depending on age and location. Surprisingly, Londoners are the most patient and are prepared to wait for over 12 minutes, whilst unsurprisingly, people over the age of 55 become restless the fastest.

To fight the one long queue that life can sometimes seem like, the British people have started to use ‘queue dodging tactics’ according to Sandra Quinn who helped carry out the survey. Such tactics include paying bills online, shopping at night and even taking time off work (!), though jumping the queue is of course never an option for us mild mannered Brits.

Personally, here at, we still think that 10 minutes and 42 seconds still sounds like quite a long time, but then again, maybe that time can be used productively. Next time you’re in a queue, why not try making a new friend, coming up with an invention worthy of Dragon’s Den, or simply imagining you’re on a tropical beach. Anything to make the time go faster eh?

Is a love of queuing starting to become a misconception about the British? Read about some other common misconceptions in our light hearted guide for foreign students.

Image: Gadl on Flickr.


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