Prince William and Kate Middleton Announce their Engagement

17 Nov

Yesterday afternoon it was revealed that Prince William and long term girlfriend Kate Middleton are finally engaged after 8 years of courtship.

The Prince- second in line to the British throne– announced that he proposed whilst on holiday in Kenya in October, and that the wedding will be held in London in spring or summer next year.

The ring William proposed with was the engagement ring of his late mother- Princess Diana. He revealed that this was his way of “keeping her close to all the fun and excitement”.

The couple, now both 28, originally met at St. Andrews University in Scotland where they both studied. After becoming friends, romance began to blossom and they started dating after about a year of knowing each other. Ever since, there has been speculation of an engagement as they have grown closer together.

The British public were finally able to celebrate yesterday and a number of top figures joined in the congratulations to the couple. The Queen (William’s grandmother) said she was “absolutely delighted”, whilst David Cameron said the engagement marked “a great day for our country”.

And what of the bride to be who may one day be Queen of England? Well Kate admitted that marrying royalty is “daunting prospect but I hope to take it in my stride”. Very sensible.

To learn more about the royal family, read our Guide to British Culture.

Image: ester1616 on Flickr


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