Celebrate Studying in the UK at the 2011 Shine! Awards

3 Dec

Are you a foreign student studying in the UK with an inspiring story to tell? Well, the Shine! Awards may be the perfect chance for you to describe your experiences.

Every year, the Shine! Awards celebrate the achievements of international students from all over the world and the contributions they make to the UK. Run by the British Council, the awards look to reward those students who have really got involved in UK life outside of their academic studies.

Have you volunteered with projects in your local community? Do you play an active role in the life of your institution? Or maybe studying in the UK has somehow changed your whole outlook or the way you think?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, or you simply want to tell the world about your experiences in the UK, then you should enter the 2011 Shine! Awards. Last year’s overall winner, Melissa Ilboudo from Burkina Faso, described the value of the competition:

“The award has been tremendously helpful. It has built my confidence and made me realise how far I’ve come since arriving in the UK, and it has given me opportunities to speak on behalf of international students, and of my country, Burkina Faso.”

If this appeals to you, why not enter and get some well deserved recognition for what you have achieved whilst studying in the UK. Plus, if that’s not enough, there is also the chance to be named 2011 International Student of the Year and win £3,000, which can’t be a bad thing.

Visit the Education UK website for more information, or to find out how to enter click here.


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