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World Map Created by Facebook Connections

15 Dec

An intern at Facebook has created a map of the world simply by showing the connections between friends on the social network.

Paul Butler wanted to visualise where people live in relation to their Facebook friends and so decided to use lines to connect all the cities that had pairs of friends. The more friends between the cities, the brighter the line would be. The amazing results can be seen in the image above.

Through simply playing with the huge amount of data that Facebook holds, Paul Butler has managed to create a new type of map that reflects “real human relationships” (whilst also managing to make a mockery of most people’s internships). It just goes to show that different nationalities and countries are not as distant as they can seem.

To read his blog post about how he created the map, click here.


‘Universities UK’ President Joins David Cameron in China

10 Nov


Relationships between British and Chinese universities are being strengthened this week as Professor Steve Smith- President of ‘Universities UK’, has joined senior figures from the UK government in Beijing.

Prime Minister David Cameron has spent the week in the Asian country with Vince Cable, George Osborne and Michael Gove among others, forging business relationships.

Steve Smith was full of praise for the growing relationship between the two countries, and particularly their higher education systems:

“There has been substantial progress in recent years in strengthening links between universities in the UK and China. Our research collaborations with China are increasing in number more quickly than with any other international partner. These partnerships are very important to the higher education sector in the UK…Education and research are central to our increasingly close relations.”

China already sends more students than any other country to come and study in the UK- with numbers reaching 47,000 in 2009- and judging by Steve Smith’s words, that number is going to continue increasing. Here at ForeignStudents.com we’re sure that it will continue to be to the mutual benefit of both countries, and to the students themselves.

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Image: Francisco Diez on Flickr

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