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Happy New Year!

4 Jan

Welcome to 2011 everyone! Around the world on Friday night, revelers celebrated the New Year with friends and family. And Britain was no different.

Throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, there were parties filling the streets, homes, pubs and clubs, as people welcomed 2011.

London saw the largest gathering of people, mainly based around the London Eye, where they were promised a spectacular fireworks display. They certainly weren’t disappointed, as you can see from the video below.

Not sure what the song is that the British sing at midnight on New Year’s Eve? If you are confused by any of the traditions followed at New Year in the UK, then have a look at our Guide to British Celebrations and Festivals.


Fans Gather to Remember John Lennon

9 Dec

Fans across the world held vigils yesterday to mark the 30th anniversary of the death of the Beatles band member John Lennon.

The singer was famous for his leading role in the Beatles (the most successful British band ever) before becoming known as a leading peace activist in the 1970s. However, on December 8th 1980, when the singer was just 40 years old, Lennon was shot dead by a crazed fan in New York.

Yesterday, fans gathered to remember his life; singing his songs, lighting candles and laying flowers. The largest gatherings were seen in his home town of Liverpool in northern England, and in New York at the spot where he was shot.

Beatles and John Lennon fans are still as committed now as they ever were, and nowhere more so than where the band members grew up- in Liverpool. Several hundred fans turned up, to a “very nice, peaceful, happy evening” where they were able to remember Lennon’s life, and promote his message of world peace.

Among the gatherers, was one fan, Phil Hanson, who described the atmosphere as “lovely, warm and loving”, explaining:

“He’s one of my idols. John Lennon saved my life. I’ve even got a tattoo of him on my arm”.

Thirty years on from his death, John Lennon’s life and message are still strongly remembered by his fans, and we’re sure in thirty years time the same will still be true.


Who Will Host the 2018 and 2022 Football World Cups?

2 Dec

England won the World Cup last time they hosted it, in 1966.

It is decision day today for England and the other ten countries hoping to host the 2018 or 2022 football World Cups.

The English bid is up against Russia, as well as joint bids from Netherlands-Belgium, and Spain-Portugal to host the 2018 tournament. Meanwhile, for the 2022 World Cup, there are bids from Australia, the United States, Japan, South Korea and Qatar.

Today marks the end of years of preparation and expectation from all the countries involved, as the decision about both world cups will finally be made at about 3pm GMT in Zurich. Over the last two days the bidding nations have been making presentations to 22 FIFA (the world football association) officials who will all vote this afternoon.

To convince FIFA of England’s bid, Prime Minister David Cameron, heir to the British throne Prince William, and footballing superstar David Beckham have all flown out to Zurich. Together they helped make England’s presentation this morning, with an emotional Becks (Beckham’s affectionate nickname- he is a bit of a hero in England) particularly impressing the voters. However, it looks to be a very close battle between England, Russia and Spain-Portugal for the 2018 tournament, so only time will tell how successful they have been.

If you are from one of the bidding nations then we wish you good luck, though of course not enough luck to beat England!

Want to see quite how passionate the British are about sport? Check out our Guide to British Sport.

Top 10 Most Popular Babies’ Names Revealed

27 Oct

The most popular names given to babies born in England and Wales in 2009 have been revealed. And the winners are….drum roll please… Oliver for the boys and Olivia for the girls.

Oliver has risen from 2nd in 2008, to knock Jack off the top spot for the first time in 14 years. Olivia meanwhile is the most popular girls’ name, just beating Ruby for the second year running.

Here at ForeignStudents.com we have been trying to think of celebrities who may have inspired the two winners to victory, but there are slim pickings. For the boys there is director Oliver Stone, (though we can’t think of many people who would name their baby after him), whilst for the girls there is ‘House’ actress Olivia Wilde. Not exactly A-listers I think you’ll agree.

Here are the full lists:

Boys Names:                         Girls Names:

1. Oliver                                    1. Olivia

2. Jack                                      2. Ruby

3. Harry                                    3. Chloe

4. Alfie                                     4. Emily

5. Joshua                                  5. Sophie

6. Thomas                                6. Jessica

7. Charlie                                 7. Grace

8. William                                 8. Lily

9. James                                   9. Amelia

10. Daniel                                10. Evie




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