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The Truth About Foreign Student Visas

1 Dec

You may have heard in the press recently that the British government has put a cap on student visas that will make coming to study in the UK much harder. However, we would like to tell you the real facts, which show that for the vast majority of foreign students this is not true.

The sensational headlines in the UK media tell how the number of non-EU student visas is being slashed as the Government attempts to fulfill its pledge to bring net migration down from 196,000 to the tens of thousands by 2015. However, the full truth is a little different.

British Home Secretary Theresa May recently emphasized that this new policy was not a blanket reduction of all student visas, but actually a crack down on a very specific group. She explained how the government would be targeting non-EU students coming to study at privately-funded colleges and on long courses below degree level. She reasoned that many of the students applying for such courses may be exploiting the visa system.

Therefore, for international students who want to study in the UK to actually enhance their career options and gain a worthy qualification, the reduction of visas should not be a problem.

Indeed, the General Secretary of the University & College Union Sally Hunt said

“We need to be able to offer places to the world’s best students. The last thing we want to do is send a message that those students are not welcome here”.

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Foreign Student Fees To Remain Stable

16 Nov
The proposed increase in university tuition fees for home and EU students in the UK may end up benefitting international students. In the last few weeks, the government has revealed controversial plans to increase the standard fees for British students from £3,000 to £9,000 per year. However, a number of important figures have assured international students that their fees will not rise in the same way. In fact, it is quite the opposite. During his recent trip to China, Prime Minister David Cameron revealed that raising tuition fees for UK students will mean two things:

“It will make sure our universities are well funded …and we won’t go on increasing the fees for overseas students so fast. In the past we have been pushing up the fees on overseas students and using that as a way of keeping them down for domestic students.” “We have done the difficult thing. We have put up contributions for British students. Yes, foreign students will still pay a significant amount of money but we should now be able to keep that growth under control.”

David Willetts, UK minister for universities and science, echoed this sentiment to Indian students during his current visit to the Asian country. Similarly, according to the Times of India, Ritu Gupta, from the University of Leeds South Asia Office in New Delhi, believes that the fees increase will make UK universities more of a ‘level playing ground and Indian students will no longer have to compensate for the deficit caused by home students’.Here at the ForeignStudents Blog we will keep you up to date on all the latest news on UK tuition fees.

UK International Students

29 Oct
Foreign Teacher with students.

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UK International Students


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