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World Map Created by Facebook Connections

15 Dec

An intern at Facebook has created a map of the world simply by showing the connections between friends on the social network.

Paul Butler wanted to visualise where people live in relation to their Facebook friends and so decided to use lines to connect all the cities that had pairs of friends. The more friends between the cities, the brighter the line would be. The amazing results can be seen in the image above.

Through simply playing with the huge amount of data that Facebook holds, Paul Butler has managed to create a new type of map that reflects “real human relationships” (whilst also managing to make a mockery of most people’s internships). It just goes to show that different nationalities and countries are not as distant as they can seem.

To read his blog post about how he created the map, click here.


Students Protest Against Tuition Fees in London

10 Dec

London faced its most violent protests in decades yesterday, as students from across England gathered to show their anger over the increase in university tuition fees.

It was a momentous day in British politics, as, whilst clashes between students and police grew in Parliament Square, politicians inside Parliament debated the proposed increase in fees for over five hours before voting in favour of the change.

The vote means that UK based students can now be charged up to £9,000 per year (increased from just over £3,000) to study at an English university, meaning many will be left with huge debts after they graduate. The proposal created huge rifts within the British political parties, and many MPs voted against their own party’s wishes. However, the real clashes were most definitely outside.

Throughout the morning, tens of thousands of university and school students gathered in London, ready to march through the city protesting the proposed changes. There was a huge police presence ready and expecting the peaceful crowd to turn violent at some point.

This point was reached in the afternoon, when the protesters met police barriers in Parliament Square. The crowds tried to surge forward towards the Parliament buildings, but were met by riot police and officers on horseback.

Violent clashes between the opposing sides then broke out as protestors began to throw paint, snooker balls and broken bits of concrete, and the police responded with their batons. At points police on horseback were used to push the protestors back, and eventually the situation calmed down.

As darkness fell, protestors spread to other parts of London, and attacked the flagship Topshop store on Oxford Street due to its owner’s well known tax evasion. Soon after this, events took an unexpected turn when Prince Charles and his wife Camilla were caught up in the protests in the nearby Regents Street. They were travelling to a royal event, and their car was attacked with paint and missiles, leaving a window smashed and the royals visible shaken.

Ultimately, the results of this historic day of politics were the approval of the increase in university tuition fees, and the resignation of three politicians. Meanwhile, the results of the protests were 22 arrests, 10 police officers and dozens of students injured, and widespread devastation across Westminster.

The main message we want to send to you is that this type of protests are very very rare and should certainly not be anything to worry about. No one was there who didn’t want to be and the vast majority of the area of London was safe throughout the whole event.

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Inspiring Words: University, an Important Step

26 Oct

Photo by – partie traumatic

An inspirational quote can say a lot about a person’s outlook on life, many great figures in history leave us with words which inspire the world, as a student, one is often told that the time at university will be the ‘best years of your life’.

So what shapes and develops our time at university? Is it our studies or the friends we meet?

For an International Student, it may be a mixture of the two; as gaining new friends in a foreign country is a touching and important connection to make, as well as this the desire to study abroad indicates a high level of passion in a specific academic area – which is fulfilled by attending a course in the UK.

Both these aspects (the studying and socialising), involve the exchange of many ideas which will mould a future student’s outlook on life. While at Harvard University in the USA, Mark Zuckerberg created the online social phenomenon Facebook

Mark did this with the aid of his college dormitory roommates, inspired in-part by his own experiences of ‘student life’ and the knowledge gained from his lectures.

On his Facebook profile he lists one of his favourite quotes as ‘Make things as simple as possible but no simpler’, maybe this sentiment is reflected in the simplicity of the design of his own social network. 

About.com has compiled a great ‘Top 15’ list of popular quotes, here’s a few:


(1) “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” ~ Thomas Edison

(10) “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt 

(14) “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ~Albert Einstein 


The real question is, will you be the next generation of great thinkers quoted in a blog post?

The Importance of Foreign Students to the UK

14 Oct

Here in the UK, students and universities have been front page news for the last week as the government debates whether to increase university fees. However, a separate debate surrounding foreign students is also beginning to emerge in the press.

There is talk of a new immigration cap being introduced in the UK which would affect the number of international students and staff able to come to study or work at British universities.

A number of top figures in the academic world are fighting against this, making sure the government knows how important foreign students are to British universities.

One of the leading voices is Nicola Dandridge- head of ‘Universities UK’- who has recently spoken out against the immigration cap. In an article in UK newspaper the Guardian, she explains how:

[foreign students] add such richness to our campuses and allow our UK students to experience a global culture that is likely to be essential for their future as graduates in a global world” .

Here at ForeignStudents.com, we couldn’t agree more!

What do you think? Would tighter immigration laws and higher student fees put you off studying in the UK? We want to hear your comments.

If you are thinking of coming to study in the UK, or if you are already here and are worried how the changes could affect you, join our Facebook page to get all the latest news and be part of our community of foreign students. 

Win Two Free Tickets to See David Baddiel Live!

11 Oct

Win Free Tickets!


Win Two Free Tickets to See David Baddiel Live!


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