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New Media, New Education?

4 Oct



Skyzoo of Jamla / Duck Down Music, will appear in an interactive video stream for McGraw-Hill Connect. The videos, reported and shot by Visible Economy, are part of a new journalistic and educational series on economic topics created for thousands of students in colleges around the country.

Visible Economy  creates news articles and videos related to economics which are easily integrated into educational curricula, their upcoming project with musician ‘Skyzoo’ will engage thousands of American students in an online video stream.

 As traditional journalism shifts into the digital realms, the line between content producers and consumers is very fine, students and young people are increasingly seeking an education which engages them by relating to their world of new media interactions.

Those in the entertainment industry are tending to this need, while universities begin to explore the new pedagogical opportunities found in bridging the gap between convention and innovation in education.

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