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New Google Art Project Lets You Explore Galleries and Museums

1 Feb

Google have released a new service called ‘Art Project‘ which allows you to explore art galleries and museums from around the world whilst still sitting at your computer.

In the same way that Street View allows you to walk around distant towns and cities, with Art Project you can take a tour around one of 17 of the best museums and galleries from all over the world. What’s more, you can zoom so far in to the paintings and exhibits that you can see individual brush strokes!

So whether you want to explore the Tate Britain in London (above), or the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam (below) you can now do so without even moving away from the screen you are looking at now, just by visiting Art Project here.

If you’ve seen the Tate Britain virtually, but now want to see the real thing, have a look at this Guide to London.

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