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Reality TV Shows Taking Over the World

6 Dec

Rihanna performing on The X Factor

The UK is going reality TV crazy at the moment, as three of the biggest shows are all coming to their final weeks.

If you have moved to the UK recently, then you will almost certainly have noticed how newspapers, television shows and websites all get obsessed by reality shows around this time of year. In the last few months, The X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing and I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! have all been hogging the headlines, so we thought we’d do a quick round up to get you up to speed on them all.

The X Factor

The X Factor is all about creating pop stars and is the most popular reality show on British television. Contestants compete against each other by singing each week to try and stay in the competition. They are then voted for by the public, before the four judges choose which of the hopefuls with the least votes is knocked out.

The show can make or break music careers, and such is its popularity that ever since it first aired, the winner of X-Factor has had the UK Christmas Number 1 every year except last year (when a campaign to stop it was successful and rap-metal band Rage Against the Machine took top spot instead).

This year, the final four contestants have been decided and will face each other in the final next weekend. The four left are Matt Cardle (bearded, guitar playing ‘normal’ guy), Cher Lloyd (spoilt, ‘alternative’ 17 year old girl), One Direction (clean cut boys who the girls love) and Rebecca Ferguson (Liverpool girl with a great voice).

Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing has celebrities competing against each other through dancing. They are each given a professional dance partner to teach them and are then voted for by the public.

This year, there are five couples left after the star attraction- former MP Ann Widdecombe, was voted out this week. She was famous for being terrible and got the lowest marks from the judges every week, but the public loved her. However, now she is gone, the favourite to win is television presenter Matt Baker. The other contestants include rugby player Gavin Henson, comic actress Pamela Stephenson, and Eastenders actors Kara Tointon and Scott Maslen.

I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!

On this show, celebrities (though no one has heard of most of them) are made to live in a jungle in Australia and perform tasks in a bid to win a cash prize for charity. The public vote for their favourites and the celebs are gradually knocked out until just one winner is left. The tasks generally involve insects and bugs, which the celebs have to touch/let crawl on their faces/eat to gain luxuries for their camp mates. Above you can see an example of a task from this year.

This year’s series has just come to an end, with 2009 X Factor contestant Stacey Solomon winning it and 1990s singer Shaun Ryder coming second. Though officially the prize is money for their charity of choice, the real prize is a kick start for their careers in the UK, as the winners inevitably gain some much needed fame from their time on the show.

Whether you like reality TV shows or not, there is not much chance of avoiding them at this time of year, so the best idea is probably to choose one and start watching! After all, if you can’t beat them, join them.


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Celebrities Turn Out to Turn On Christmas Lights

8 Nov

Rihanna turned on the Westfield Christmas lights.

‘Tis the season for celebrities to turn on the Christmas lights in towns and cities across the UK.

Over the coming weeks, this very British tradition will be ‘delighting’ crowds up and down the country who turn out to see their favourite actor speak, or their beloved band perform, or, more likely, a D-list ‘celebrity’ press a button. We’ve selected some of the highlights of the 2010 Christmas Lights Switch-On Ceremonies:

             –  Westfield Shopping Centre, London (4th November): Representing the truly A-list celebrities, Rihanna turned on the Christmas lights at Westfield after a performance that wowed her many fans. The bad news: if this is the first you’ve heard about this performance, then you missed it.

             Braehead Shopping Centre, Glasgow (4th November): Last week, Glasgow became the first of the cities to invite an X-Factor reject to turn on their lights, except there was a bonus…there were two X-Factor rejects turning on the lights! They were the ridiculous twins that call themselves Jedward.

             Regent Street, London (9th November): Continuing with the X-Factor theme, Regent Street has last year’s winner, Joe McElderry turning the lights on. He is fresh from doing absolutely nothing in the music charts for the last year so it should be a good show.    

            Cardiff City Centre (10th November): Cardiff has gone against the X-Factor trend by impressively snagging two real celebrities in Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. They are of course best known as Dr. Who and his red headed assistant.   

           Sheffield City Centre (21st November): And finally, possibly the most exciting of all the celebrity Christmas lights appearances, Sheffield have managed to persuade the Zingzillas (!) to perform at their ceremony. We don’t really know what they are but it sounds exciting doesn’t it?   

Impressed by any of these celebrity endorsements? Know any others in your area? Let us know below.

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Image: MiKeARB on Flickr.

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